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I’m a technology gadget sort of guy.  As a kid, I would rummage around under the Christmas tree before my parents were up, eagerly shaking each wrapped present.  Soft packages, inevitably a jacket from mom or a sweater from grandma (sorry mom and nanna!), were cast aside.  Boxes of predictable sizes (Nintendo games?) and of hefty weight (the latest Transformer toy or a radio controlled car?) were piled up in a stack to be opened first.

25 years later, my present preferences haven’t changed.  On the morning of December 25th, 2009, my early scouting mission under the Christmas tree left me disappointed.  I reached for a lone soft and somewhat fluffy package addressed to me from my wife. I immediately knew it wasn’t something that would beep, or whirl, or buzz, or fit into my Sony Playstation.

X-Ray view of a Scottevest Jacket

Given that we are on the road so often, my wife bought me a travel jacket from Scottevest.  A jacket?  Yeah, this isn’t something that I would typically get excited over… until I started reading the instruction manual.  Personal Area Network?  Weight Management System? Clear touch interior pockets that allow you to operate your iPhone’s touch screen while it’s IN your pocket?  iPad compatibility?

Now… this is my kind of jacket!

Gadget-y jacket aside, what warrants a blog post on the Scottevest jacket is the impact it has had on my travel.  Versatility, security and comfort are all critical components of any travel clothing selection.  The Scottevest jacket excels on all of these fronts.


My Scottevest jacket loaded with gear in the Sahara Desert, Morocco

My jacket is a tropical wind breaker in Scottevest’s product line-up.  It features 18 pockets for various purposes, mesh lining for breathability and is relatively lightweight.  Loaded up, the jacket can easily carry an iPad, water bottle, passport and flight documents, a point and shoot camera, 2 iPhones, sun glasses, keys, wallet, city street maps and loose change.

A “Personal Area Network” keeps any headphone wires run through dedicated channels in the jacket’s interior liner.  Meanwhile, a “Weight Management System” (they’ve apparently trademarked this term) distributes the weight of your pocketed gear evenly throughout the jacket.  I’m not exactly sure how this works, but I can vouch for its effectiveness since loading the jacket up never makes it feel uncomfortable.

My Scottevest jacket as a vest (with the sleeves unzipped) in Essaouirra, Morocco

What knocks my socks off is that the jacket folds up and can be stowed into it’s own back pocket.

Not using the jacket? Fold it up, tuck it into your pants pocket or into your back pack.  You’re all set to go.

Weather get a bit warmer?  The sleeves zip off to convert the jacket into a vest.  (This is almost as cool as the Transformer toy I was always wishing for!)


Most of our travels require that we carry around some important items at all times.  My passport, phone, wallet with cash and keys are those very mission critical items that I am never separated from.

Depending on where you’re traveling, carrying these items is risky in itself.  I’ve been targeted by a well choreographed Gypsy pick-pocketing scheme in Italy and have also felt hands slip into my pants pockets while navigating through throngs of people in India – hands in search of a wallet or something of value.  (As a side note, I recommend NEVER keeping anything of value in your pants pockets while traveling unless you enjoy being stranded in a country without your walleter – or worse… without your passport.)

Scottevest’s internal pocket designs make it easy to carry these items securely.  Internal pockets are deep and sealed with either velcro, zippers or a combination of both.  This makes it virtually impossible for a random hand of ill-intent to make its way into your pockets.

For any travel that requires a jacket, my Scottevest jacket comes out of the closet to serve that role.  If you are a traveler and need a jacket for your trip, I highly suggest checking out Scottevest’s product line.

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6 Comments on “The Ultimate Travel Jacket – Scottevest

  1. But does it have an integrated solar panel to charge all that stuff?

  2. There is one moments where you will hate this jacket , if you come to the desert in the summer. hahaha

  3. Thanks for the great review, Stephen. We’re happy to hear that your 2009 Christmas wasn’t ruined because of a jacket- it’s the only way to travel. Dressing like a traveler and not a tourist not only keeps you looking good, but keeps your gadgets and personal items safe too!

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