On the heels of the Supreme Court’s ruling that legalizes same-sex marriage across the country, the full weight of this ground-breaking decision was felt on the streets of New York City during the 2015 NYC Pride Parade. Well over 2 million people participated in this year’s festivities, making it the largest and one of, Read More

Coney Island’s 33rd annual Mermaid Parade, held this Saturday, featured tons of glitter, shells, colorful wigs, body paint, and a festive sea of individuality. Poor weather loomed over Coney Island for most of the day, but failed to dampen the spirits of countless lobster princesses, King Neptunes, Poseidons, mermaids, mer-men, and tens of thousands, Read More

I descended several stories into the heart of ground zero, along with friends, throngs of tourists, and somber-faced locals, as the 9/11 National Memorial Museum officially opened its doors today. The museum, nestled next to memorials that mark the base of the original twin towers, completes the memorial complex with an underground hall that, Read More

Strolling around New York City after dinner and a vintage crozes hermitage is high up on my list of fun things to do. The tidal ebb and flow of pedestrians, zig-zagging yellow cabs, bright city lights and rolling pastures with grazing sheep morph into a tapestry of colors, sounds and smells that are uniquely, Read More

We carefully inch our way through the chaos at the intersection of Midland Avenue and Hylan Boulevard. Cars on the opposite side do the same.  The traffic lights dangle overhead without power, unable to keep order. Further down the debris-lined street, the scene repeats intersection after intersection as we approach Midland Beach. I spent, Read More

Having never been to the great state of Maine, we ventured on a quick five day road trip up the east coast to the 65th Annual Maine Lobster Festival in early August.  Maine is absolutely stunning.  Small coastal towns festooned with picturesque bays and harbors, great micro-breweries, amazing food scene that rivals any foodie, Read More

This weekend, Joyce and I, along with several friends, visited the famous Coney Island in New York. Navigating around hot dog toting (Nathan’s… yum!) sun worshippers and beer guzzling shirtless men on the boardwalk is nothing short of a contact sport! Our destination, though, was to witness a different sort of contact sport –, Read More

I ran the Run For Your Lives Zombie 5k Obstacle Race in Amesbury, MA this Saturday. (A rompingly ghoulish time if being chased by zombies, sloshing through mud and finding dirt a day later in crevices you didn’t even know existed sounds like fun!) After the run, Joyce and I traded zombies for witches. , Read More