Wine, a cat, a kid, and people watching in Istanbul

Across the street from Corinne Hotel’s quaint Parisian-style bar, posters promoting an upcoming performance by Goran Bregovic and a circus venue plaster a wall. With a bottle of wine in hand, this was a great backdrop for people watching and photography on Turnacıbaşı Cadessi in Istanbul, Turkey.

We wondered how many locals would notice the colorful advertisements. Back home, we likely wouldn’t pay them a glance since posters and graffiti are often the backbone of any New York City street scene. Maybe it was the foreign text or perhaps Goran’s crazy hair, but something about the posters snagged our attention.

An hour and a half and a bottle of wine later, virtually everyone walked by the posters without a glance. The exception were two unique “individuals.” See if you can spot them in the photo slideshow below!

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2 Comments on “Wine, a cat, a kid, and people watching in Istanbul

  1. Goran looks like Robin Williams! Great pictures 🙂

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