A little over one year since our visit to Bhutan, we’re reminiscing.  Looking forward to returning to this mystical land!  In the interim, here’s a quick photo journal of sights we miss the most.


2013 Newport Folk Festival. I’ll be the first to admit that my music collection has become stale.  A child of the 80s, my playlist revolves around Duran Duran (don’t judge!), New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson and Men at Work. Yes, my iPod playlist could be called a nostalgic journey into, Read More


Diving into a forward bend, a pool of sweat slides off my head and disappears into my drenched Yogitoes towel.  The 100 degree humidity-soaked air beckons a steady stream of perspiration from every pore on my body.  Even though it’s a futile effort, I smother my face into a hand towel.  A moment later,, Read More


Cerro Chato’s crater viewed from the sky. Photo Credit: Cerro Chato, a dormant volcano in northern Costa Rica, last erupted 3,500 years ago.  It is located in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano, which was the country’s most active volcano until 2010. Cerro Chato is now a primary rainforest teaming with wildlife.  Those, Read More


We carefully inch our way through the chaos at the intersection of Midland Avenue and Hylan Boulevard. Cars on the opposite side do the same.  The traffic lights dangle overhead without power, unable to keep order. Further down the debris-lined street, the scene repeats intersection after intersection as we approach Midland Beach. I spent, Read More


When I was 19 years old, I took a flight on (the now extinct) Northwest Airlines.  As a travel newbie, I loosely packed my belongings into the safe-haven of my huge family-sized suitcase. My camera, clothes and several albums of personal photos (these were pre-digital days) were all stowed away in the checked-in luggage. , Read More


Having never been to the great state of Maine, we ventured on a quick five day road trip up the east coast to the 65th Annual Maine Lobster Festival in early August.  Maine is absolutely stunning.  Small coastal towns festooned with picturesque bays and harbors, great micro-breweries, amazing food scene that rivals any foodie, Read More


This weekend, Joyce and I, along with several friends, visited the famous Coney Island in New York. Navigating around hot dog toting (Nathan’s… yum!) sun worshippers and beer guzzling shirtless men on the boardwalk is nothing short of a contact sport! Our destination, though, was to witness a different sort of contact sport –, Read More


In December of 2009, my wife, Joyce, and I traveled to Panama for a quick getaway with our friend Bill. Halfway through the trip, we hung up the rental car keys for a few days of relaxation in Boquete, a quaint village nestled into the western highlands of Panama, just a stone’s throw east, Read More


Ducking in and out of the ruins of Angkor Wat, I find myself weaving through throngs of tourists to find a spot to snap that perfect photo. It’s a scenario that I have negotiated countless times. While the essence of my travels and the desire to get the perfect shot has always remained the, Read More